MyAirShield — protection against viruses, bacteria and germs

Dr. Medi­men­tum
Acti­ve clea­ning of the air with MyA­ir­Shield MyA­ir­Shield is worn around the neck and increases […]

MACCS — Care Platform for Kidney Transplants

Prof. Dr. med. Kle­mens Bud­de Fach­arzt für Inne­re Medi­zin und Nephrolo­gie, Hyper­ten­sio­lo­ge DHL
Tele­me­di­cal care for trans­plant pati­ents and pati­ents with kid­ney dise­a­se The aim is to provide […]

Preparation for the practice with

8He­alth-Manage­ment UG
How do I start as a doc­tor in the prac­ti­ce? Learn the most important basics […]